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Achieving Clinical Excellence (ACE) Conference
Östersund, Sweden May 2–4 2018



Greetings ACE Conference Friends and Attendees!

We’re almost there! In just a few days almost 300 of us will meet in Östersund. We are really looking forward to soon meeting you all, but first just a few practical reminders to ensure a fantastic conference for us all.
You should by now have received at least an invoice and a confirmation mail from Congresso. If you have not, check your spam filters and if you cannot find them please contact.

Congresso Östersund
Phone: +46 (0) 63 121400


By now, you should have signed up for workshops. We have 10 rooms that accommodate from 20 to 400 people so we want to ensure that everyone can attend the workshops of their choice.  Please choose one from each of the following sessions:

Workshop Session 1.1

  1. Implementation - Thomas Bjørn Hansen, Denmark
  2. Supervision - Laura Tang Jensby & Rasmus Møller & Susanne Bargmann, Denmark
  3. When does PCOMS work? - Bram Bovendeerd, the Netherlands
  4. FIT in long-term social psychiatric setting - Find Juliussen, National Board of Health Denmark
  5. Children, collateral ratings – Marlene Stockholm, Denmark
  6. FIT in short-term therapeutic setting – Henrik H.Hansen & Catja Mosgaard, Denmark
  7. Video on User experience of FIT – Else Brunvand, Gritt Bonde & Jonas Bonde, Denmark
  8. When FIT does not improve outcome: Barriers to the effect of FIT in group psychotherapy for patients with eating disorders – Annika Helgadóttir Davidsen, Faroe Islands
  9. Differential Impact of feedback on practitioners – Kim de Jong, Nederland
  10. System-wide implementation in "social management" - Erica Manderhjem, Sweden

Workshop Session 2.1

  1. Using FIT with survivors of torture – Tina Ammundsen & Laila Jacobsen, Denmark
  2. Criminal Justice – David Prescott, USA
  3. Use of FIT with People with Disabilities – Patrik Ulander, Sweden
  4. Implementation - Kerstin Öqvist, Sweden
  5. Meta -analysis of data from ORS/SRS – Ole Karkov Ostergard, Denmark
  6. FIT in substance abuse – Gun Eva Långdahl, Sweden

Workshop Session 2.2

  1. FIT in a physiotherapeutical / medical setting – Charlotte Krog, Denmark
  2. FIT In Private Practice and long-term therapy – Jason Seidel, USA
  3. Wendy, 10 years on – Bill Andrews, United Kingdom
  4. Eliciting Feedback with young people – Liz Pluut, Nederland
  5. Therapists' reactions to negative feedback – Heidi Brattland, Norway
  6. FIT in Rehabilitation Settings - Irene Bendtsen & Helle Obbekær, Denmark
  7. Alliance with Youth – Von Borg, USA - Japan
  8. FIT in outpatient setting -  Pauline Jensen, the Netherlands

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 If you’re having trouble deciding between two workshops in the same session, you might want to take advantage of ACE online streaming do both. Click here for details.

Social Events

Above and beyond expanding your professional knowledge, ACE2018 offers some great opportunities to connect with new people and places.

​​​​​​​We highly recommend the city walking tour if you’re interested in seeing more of Östersund or just want an excuse to stretch your legs in between the conference program and dinner.

The Tour Our Beautiful Jämtland excursion on Saturday following the conference will take you to see even more of the region, including a visit to a Moose Garden and lunch with a stunning 55-meter-high view in Arctura.

​​​​​​​Click here for the full list of social events​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you have not signed up for any of our social events, p​​​​​lease contact Congresso ASAP, ​​​​​​​

ACE 2018 ONLINE!  
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Per-Åke Pettersson, CEO
Per-Åke Pettersson, CEO

Welcome to Östersund and ACE 2018
My name is Per-Åke Pettersson and I am CEO of the company GPS Kognition Utredningshem AB, its the company that stands behind Vision HVB, which is one of the strong brands we work with. Another strong brand we have is Hugin and Munin HVB. We are very proud of the confidence shown to us to be the organizer of ACE 2018 and its extra fun to do this at the central place in the region where we are active. ICCE and ACE stands in my eyes for development and constantly seeking improvement in methods of treatment. To do that together with other people and organizations stands for quality assurance and provide opportunities for strengthened networks. Along the way I also hope we have a nice time together here in Östersund. GPS Cognition also has education as part of its core business, Vision HVB wants to stand for quality and a wellplaced care in line with the latest research findings. That is why we have wanted to arrange ACE in Östersund.
Once again warmly welcome to Östersund and ACE 2018

- Per-Åke Pettersson

Interested in helping clients get better?

The International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) in partnership with Vision HVB is pleased to announce the third Achieving Clinical Excellence (ACE) Conference to be held May 2-4 2018 in beautiful Östersund, Sweden.

ACE 2018 will bring together leading researchers, clinicians, and educators in the fields of behavioral health and expert performance who will draw on 30 years of research to deliver evidence-based steps that practitioners, managers, and executives can immediately put into practice to optimize effectiveness and efficiency.

Conference participants will not only learn cutting edge, evidence-based strategies specifically designed to improve their practice and help them to achieve their personal best but will also be inspired by top performers from a variety of professions and disciplines including music, sports, entertainment who will perform and talk about the steps required for excellence.

All conference presentations will be offered in English.

Come to learn, leave inspired!

ACE 2018 is going to blow your mind!

If you can't make it to Östersund - join us online!
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Evening in Östersund