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Members of the scientific committee

ICCE has appointed a scientific committee to guide and support the work with the conference.


Ulla Hansson is part of the GCK AB (Gothenburg Centre for Competence development), an organisation that offers different kind of activities toward the social welfare as well as health- and school-sectors in Gothenburg and the West area of Sweden. GCK has from the year 2009 until 2017 arranged workshops and different trainings with Scott Miller and Susanne Bargmann. Many different professionals have been inspired to develop their practice from these events. Scott Miller and Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) as a concept, are today well known for social workers and different professionals and leaders in Gothenburg and the area around. Ulla Hansson has been one of GCK’s consultants who has been eager to develop FIT, both in her own organisation and in her practice as a supervisor and trainer. Ulla has been a contact person for the workshops and trainings in FIT with Scott Miller through the years.

Rob Axen 

Ulla Hansson

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