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Presentation Handouts

Links to PDF files are listed under each program title. Stay tuned. We'll add more as we get them.

 What is FIT?  Bruce Wampold & Scott Miller

How Norway is using FIT, Birgit Valla

Put the Magick Back in Therapy – Scott D. Miller

The System of Practice: Creating a Framework To Make Deliberate Practice Happen – Daryl Chow

Additional material from Daryl Chow available at:

Getting Better with Deliberate Practice  Susanne Bargmann and Ulrik Elholm

Contextual Model – Bruce Wampold

Differential impact of feedback on practitioners/research – Kim de Jong 

 When, for whom and how: Towards a nuanced understanding of FIT's effects – Heidi Brattland

Mistakes will be Made: On the Groundlessness of Feedback-Informed Treatment – Jason Seidel 

1.1.1. Implementation – Thomas Bjørn Hansen, Denmark

1.1.2. Supervision – Laura Tang Jensby & Rasmus Møller & Susanne Bargmann, Denmark

1.1.3. When does PCOMS work? – Bram Bovendeerd, Nederland

1.1.4. FIT in long-term social psychiatric setting – Finn Juliussen, Socialstyrelsen Denmark

1.1.5. Children, collateral ratings – Marlene Stockholm, Denmark

1.1.6. FIT in short-term therapeutic setting – Henrik H.Hansen & Catja Mosgaard, Denmark

1.1.7. Video on User experience of FIT – Else Brunvand, Gritt Bonde & Jonas Bonde, Denmark

1.1.8. When FIT does not improve outcome: Barriers to the effect of FIT in group psychotherapy for patients with eating disorders – Annika Helgadóttir Davidsen, Faroe Islands

1.1.9. Differential Impact of feedback on practitioners – Kim de Jong, Nederland

1.1.10. System-wide implementation in "social management" - Erica Manderhjem, Sweden

2.1.1. Using FIT with survivors of torture – Tina Ammundsen & Laila Jacobsen, Denmark

2.1.2. Criminal Justice – David Prescott, USA

2.1.3. Use of FIT with People with Disabilities – Patrik Ulander, Sweden

2.1.4. Implementation -  Kerstin Öqvist, Sweden

2.1.5. Meta -analysis of data from ORS/SRS – Ole Karkov Ostergard, Denmark

2.1.6. FIT in substance abuse – Gun Eva Långdahl, Sweden

2.2.1. FIT in a physiotherapeutical/medical setting – Charlotte Krog, Denmark

2.2.2. FIT In Private Practice and long-term therapy – Jason Seidel, USA

2.2.3. Wendy, 10 years on – Bill Andrews, United Kingdom

2.2.4. Eliciting Feedback with young people – Liz Pluut, Nederland

2.2.5. Therapists' reactions to negative feedback – Heidi Brattland, Norway

2.2.6. FIT in Rehabilitation Settings -  Irene Bendtsen & Helle Obbekær, Denmark

2.2.7. Alliance with Youth – Von Borg, USA - Japan

2.2.8. FIT in outpatient setting -  Pauline Janse, the Netherlands