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This program might be subject to change (until the very last minute) due to circumstances outside our control.
PLEASE NOTE:  All conference presentations will be offered in English.

Welcome !
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Note that first of May is a national holiday in Sweden.

19.00-22.00 optional Drop in – Meet & Greet  with snacks, drinks, networking, and registration at Storsjöteatern.
(Please register before April 15th.)


Pre-Conference:  What is FIT?

08.30  Registration & coffee
09.00  Start
10.30-10.45 Break
12.00-13.00 Lunch (included)
14.30-14.45  Break
16.00  End

16.15  Optional Östersund city tour. (Please register before April 15th)


What is FIT? 
The research behind it and how to do it 

A one-day primer and
​​​​​​​ Bruce Wampold and
Scott D. Miller​​​​​​​

Pioneers in Feedback Informed Treatment offer an evidence-based alternative for therapists—no matter their therapeutic discipline—to advance the field of psychotherapy in both its legitimacy and effectiveness.

19.00 (Optional) Conference Dinner Kitchen & Table restaurant in the Clarion Grand Hotel.
register before before April 15th)


CONFERENCE DAY 1 -  How to use Feedback & FIT


08.30 Registration & coffee

09.00 Opening ceremony with a welcome address from Christian Möller of conference hosts Vision HVB.

Christian Möller
Christian Möller



How Norway is using FIT

Birgit Valla



Birgit Valla

Every day we learn something new, discover something we didn’t know before, and challenge established truths. When we really take the time to listen to what people tell us about what they want and what it is that helps them, we begin to see infinite possibilities.

10.45 – 12.00  Tedtalks

  1. Bruce Wampold  — Contextual model
  2. Kim de Jong  — Differential impact of feedback on practitioners/research
  3.  Heidi Brattland  — When, for whom and how: Towards a nuanced understanding of FIT's effects
  4. Jason Seidel  — Mistakes will be Made: On the Groundlessness of Feedback-Informed Treatment

12.00-13.00 Lunch (included)



Deliberate Practice
K. Anders Ericsson


Expert performance can be traced to active engagement in deliberate practice (DP), where training is focused on improving particular tasks. DP includes immediate feedback, time for problem-solving and evaluation, and opportunities for repeated performance to refine behavior.

​​​​14.00-14.30 Entertainment

14.30-15.00 Break

15.00-15.45 Workshop session 1.1

  1. Implementation – Thomas Bjørn Hansen, Denmark
  2. Supervision – Laura Tang Jensby & Rasmus Møller & Susanne Bargmann, Denmark
  3. When does PCOMS work?  – Bram Bovendeerd, Nederland
  4. FIT in long-term social psychiatric setting – Finn Juliussen, Socialstyrelsen Denmark
  5. Children, collateral ratings – Marlene Stockholm, Denmark
  6. FIT in short-term therapeutic setting – Henrik H.Hansen & Catja Mosgaard, Denmark
  7. Video on User experience of FIT – Else Brunvand, Gritt Bonde & Jonas Bonde, Denmark
  8. When FIT does not improve outcome: Barriers to the effect of FIT in group psychotherapy for patients with eating disorders – Annika Helgadóttir Davidsen, Faroe Islands
  9. Differential Impact of feedback on practitioners – Kim de Jong, Nederland
  10. System-wide implementation in "social management" - Erica Manderhjem, Sweden

15:.45-16.00 Conclusion & Feedback, Day One

16.15 Optional Östersund city tour, same as Wednesday. (Please register before April 15th)

19.00 ACE2018 Social Event (optional)

ICCE and Achieving Clinical Excellence Conference in Östersund, Sweden, May 2018 are proud to present a Grand Gala Evening gala evening of entertainment and three course dinner at Hotel Gamla Teatern.
     (10 minute walk from Storsjöteatern) 

Östersund is in the heartland of Sapmi, the land of the indigenous Swedish people. This gala evening will feature traditional Sapmi music, trained reindeer, and Swedish folk music.

Click here for event details.
Please register before April 15th


CONFERENCE DAY 2 – How to move beyond Feedback & FIT




Put the Magick Back in Therapy
Scott D. Miller


Scott D. Miller



​​​​​​​The System of Practice: Creating a Framework To Make Deliberate Practice Happen
Daryl Chow


11.45-12.45 Lunch (included)

Susanne Bargmann


12.45 -13.45

Getting better with deliberate practice 
Susanne Bargmann
 and Ulrik Elholm


Ulrik Elholm

13.45-14.00 Break

14.00 – 14:45  Workshop session 2.1

  1. Using FIT with survivors of torture – Tina Ammundsen & Laila Jacobsen, Denmark
  2. Criminal Justice – David Prescott, USA
  3. Use of FIT with People with Disabilities – Patrik Ulander, Sweden
  4. Implementation -  Kerstin Öqvist, Sweden
  5. Meta -analysis of data from ORS/SRS – Ole Karkov Ostergard, Denmark
  6. FIT in substance abuse – Gun Eva Långdahl, Sweden

14.45-15.00 Break

15.00-15.45 Workshop session 2.2

  1. FIT in a physiotherapeutical/medical setting – Charlotte Krog, Denmark
  2. FIT In Private Practice and long-term therapy – Jason Seidel, USA
  3. Wendy, 10 years on – Bill Andrews, United Kingdom
  4. Eliciting Feedback with young people – Liz Pluut, Nederland
  5. Therapists' reactions to negative feedback – Heidi Brattland, Norway
  6. FIT in Rehabilitation Settings -  Irene Bendtsen & Helle Obbekær, Denmark
  7. Alliance with Youth – Von Borg, USA - Japan
  8. FIT in outpatient setting -  Pauline Janse, the Netherlands

15.45-16.00  Conclusion, Feedback, & Closing Ceremony

18.00 Gourmet dinner at Jazzköket. Optional
One of the very best restaurants in the area specializing in local ecological sound and artistic soul food with a twist.

Come and network - Come try the taste of Jämtland!
An absolutely must when you are in Östersund! No need to pay now, you pay in the restaurant.
(Please register before April 15th)    


Fun and Farewells

09.15-13.15 Tour our beautiful Jämtland (Optional)

 Join us to experience what our mountain region has to offer, lunch is included. You have to experience the nature when you are here! Only 55€
 (Please register before April 15th)

This program might be subject to change (until the very last minute) due to circumstances outside our control.

Come to learn, leave inspired!