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The following organizations have provided support for the ACE 2018 conference.

main sponsors

Competence, power of action and results

Vision is specialized in the investigation of multiple neuropsychiatric disabilities. We also handle investigation and treatment of, among other things, abuse, self-harm, mental health problems and social problems. 

Our keywords are competence, action and results. This means that we always have specialist training staff in our accommodations, that we have active and caring action towards our students, and that we work structured to achieve set goals. 

The business consists of three treatment homes, several levels of support housing and course activities. Since autumn 2015 we also have a new unit for treatment families.

silver sponsors

Feedback Informed Treatment made easy
Clinical Benefits - Improve treatment outcomes and reduce dropout rates. Elicit client feedback about their experience of treatment and increase engagement in the change process.
​​​​​​​Service Benefits - Makes service evaluation simple and reduce the admin time for client feedback. Use reports on treatment outcomes and client experience to improve service quality and outcomes.
​​​​​​​Organisational Benefits- Improve service efficiencies and reduces costs. Integrate feedback data with existing client records systems to improve data quality and increase the usefulness of reports.

Feedback Informed Treatment

is a web-based outcome management system designed to support the use of the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).
With FIT-Outcomes it's possible to administer the scales online and get instant feedback. This allows you to use the system for ongoing quality assurance of the services delivered and for ongoing treatment adjustment to ensure the maximum benefit of the treatment.

FIT-Outcomes calculates the most important outcome data giving you access to the numbers or graphs. This makes it possible for single providers or agencies in the private or public sector to document the effect of the services delivered.

Your client data is secure with FIT-Outcomes and we're fully GDPR (EU's general data protection regulation) compliant​​​​.

MyOutcomes® is a full-service quality improvement platform that transforms ORS/SRS results into the empirical evidence needed to develop noticeable improvements. MyOutcomes® simplifies the use of ROM in clinical settings with advanced behavioral algorithms that go beyond measuring average change, resulting in more accurate client outcomes.
We can teach clinicians to administer the scales in three minutes, using them clinically is a very different process, often requiring a dramatic shift to push beyond successful data collection. As many struggle to become FIT, MyOutcomes® team of experienced advisors are working to insure their clients are getting the full implementation and training support they need.
MyOutcomes® works on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 & Edge. MyOutcomes® Mobile for smart phones and tablets can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play.

bronze sponsors

Document and treatment support for social work in municipal and private treatment programs

Journal Digital wants to be a part of the development of psychosocial change work undertaken in state, regional, municipal or private sector. To create better standards for evaluation of care and efforts to show what helps but also what stifles. 
We want to protect clients' involvement in their care and efforts. We want to create the conditions for each individual therapist to make a difference for the individual client. We do this by:

  • Develop support to evaluate care and efforts on individuals and business levels. To facilitate documentation, data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Be a leading provider of treatment and documentation support that has a strong practical foundation, which is at the forefront of research and follows the legislator's intention.

Our goal is that a therapist or business should be able to answer the most central issue in all social work:

  • Do we make any difference for our clients?

Train – Challenge – Develop

Misa Kompetens is Sweden’s leading agency in training, supervision and support regarding Supported Employment, IPS and Supported Education. Through our sister agency Misa AB we have more than 25 years of experience in work-oriented daycare activities for people with disabilities. Our services are based on the idea that everyone can participate in society and working life with the right support. Through our methods, the individual’s own ideas, interests and resources are utilized.

Our ways of working is strongly connected to Evidence-based practice. Misa Kompetens is also building experience in the area of FIT, currently implementing FIT in Misa, training 200 job coaches and building structures for supervision, documentation and management.
Beginning in 2018, we will offer services to Swedish agencies in training and implementing FIT with our own ICCE Certified Trainers.

become a sponsor

Additional sponsorship opportunities for the ACE  Conference, 2-4 May  2018, are available under the following terms: 

Main sponsor - 100,000kr 

  • Short presentation on the main scene
  • Your logo on all ads
  • Rollups in the main room
  • A table and rollups in the foyer
  • Advertisements in the participant package
  • Name and logo in the program and mailing 
  • 5 conference tickets

Sponsor - Gold: 40,000kr

  • Rollups in the main room
  • A table and rollups in the foyer
  • Advertisements in the participant package
  • Name and logo in the program and mailing 
  • 3 conference tickets

Sponsor-silver 25,000kr 

  •  Rollups in the main room
  • A table and rollups in the foyer
  • Advertisements in the participant package
  • Name and logo in the program and mailing 
  • 2 conference tickets

Sponsor-bronze 10,000kr

  • Poster or rollups in the foyer
  • Advertisement in the participant package
  • Name in program and mailing
  • 1 conference ticket

Prices are in Swedish Crowns, SEK and including 25% VAT/moms/tax

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Promoting Clinical Excellence

Connect with a learning community: Find and connect with practitioners working in your area who are sharing videos and articles and providing realtime support for challenging clinical situations.

Learn from top performing practitioners and researchers: Access articles and video instruction addressing every aspect of deliberate practice from a select group of international practitioners.

Supporting Practitioner Development: The ICCE is a supportive and collaborative learning community that increases practitioner engagement in the development process. The ICCE ACE conferences allows practitioners to share ideas and learn from experts how to become more effective practitioners.


The city of Östersund (population approximately 50,000) is the capital of Jämtland County in central Sweden. Located at the shores of Sweden's fifth largest lake, Storsjön, opposite the island Frösön, Östersund is the region's cultural and economical centre and by tradition a city of trade and commerce.

Matlandethuvudstad of the year 2011. 
Creative City of Gastronomy, UNESCO. 
Sweden's best climate municipality according to the Nature Conservation Association 2010-2013.

A region on the move!

Region Jämtland Härjedalen is committed to providing a home with room to grow for residents and business.

Visitors will find  adrenaline kicks and relaxation along with high class dining in exciting mix.

Top-level research and testing environments in medicine, sports, and outdoor life offer great opportunities for growing industries and entrepreneurs with global outlook. Jämtland is home to Sweden's largest alpine destinations that welcome guests from all over the world.